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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hello everyone! My name is Michal, I’m from Poland. I’m working as a 3d environment artist, and I love low poly hand painted stuff. I’d like to write a bit about the inspiration, and the process of creating my scene Terminusoid, which you can see on this site.

In the beginning, back in 2009, there was a game called Machinarium by Amanita Design Studios. Machinarium is an awesome adventure game created in a post-apo steampunk world, with masterful hand painted graphic design. Its amazing atmosphere made me think: “I want to make a game like this”. I started to draw sketches and to look for more work in this mood. Then I came across the blog of Ian Mcque and his dieselpunk-style ships. That was it. I did doodles on a piece of paper, next I threw it on the scanner and added color and detail in the graphics program. Here is the result:


I started to build a prototype in Scirra Constuct. Unfortunately my programming gaps and lack of free time meant that I ended up only on two stages ( both of them you can see in my dev blog archive: So a few years elapsed, I started to work on a full-time, and with the lack of free time I suspended the project completely.

In 2014, I discovered this awesome hand painted scene by Daniel van Leeuwen. It gave me the idea to resurrect the scene with the flying city in low poly 3D hand painted design. So I started to make a mesh in Modo.


I started from the simple meshes, gradually adding detail so that was the closest to concept. Next I UVmapped each one asset (ship, city, cliff, and dune) using atlas projection type. The rest is a manual tablet paint job, with using Modo paint tool. I don’t have stages with varying degrees of texture formation, so I only describe them. First, using big brush, in top view, I painted imitation of sand contaminated by the roofs of houses. The same with rocks and cliff. All shadows are hand painted, I dont used any baked AO light. I treat the model as a flat image, painted it from each sides.

Here is the final result, taken from Modo with texture flat shading:


I hope It’s not the end, and someday this article will be a part of “making of”, of a whole game. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback, that encourages me to continue this work.

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