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Hello everybody! My name is Eider Astigarraga, I am a digital artist living in San Sebastian, Spain. I am currently working in the film industry at Dibulitoon Studio as a character modeler, texture artist, illuminator and I also work sometimes as a freelancer for other companies. I have been working in the industry for 4 years and I have taken part in several films and series.

Modeling and texturing characters is what I like most, especially in cartoony styles. I have been more focused on developing this style rather than realistic styles for the moment. Even though I am currently doing 3D I also like drawing and painting. I have an artistic background, I studied Fine Arts at university in Leoia (Spain). I started my artistic path doing traditional and manual art and finally I specialized in 3D and digital art. Nevertheless, no matter what media I am using, I always try to apply all these theories I have learned from traditional art.


I usually take a look at Artstation and similar web pages to get inspired by the work of other artists. Sometimes I very much like some of these concepts and I want to take them to a 3D version. This concept is Zinkase’s personal version of Tekkonkinkreet’s manga and anime. His real name is Pablo Hernandez, he is a 2D artist living in Barcelona and he works as a concept artist at Herobeat Studios. I loved this concept so much that I got in touch with the designer and he gave me his permission to model it.


As the design is quite stylized I decided to model it in 3ds Max. I find it is easier to model directly with a clean topology. I started from primitives and finished putting the final details in 3ds Max. Even in models where I use Zbrush I also always use a base mesh previously done in 3ds Max. I also went straight to modeling the characters already in their poses.


I unwrapped the UVs in Unfold3d and took the uvs to Substance Painter to paint the textures. I normally use Substance Painter’s smart materials as a base. Then, I paint different layers to give more detail. I paint them manually, but I also use generators and filters. Substance painter helps a lot in the painting process, as it is done automatically. Then, you can refine it manually.

When I finish painting I export different maps, such as, diffuse, normal map, reflection, roughness, etc. You can put a lot of detail into your work, and as Sketchfab uses PBR material, you can use all these maps without any problem.


The final render was done in Keyshot and Sketchfab. In Keyshot you can get very good quality renders and it is quite easy to use. Sketchfab is also very easy to use, and is a very good way to show your model as it is real time render. You can give a great finish to the final render with the post-processing effects. I normally sharpen a little bit the final render and I also like to use SSAO, vignette, and bloom. You don’t have to buy or install any program and it is very easy to share. If you have Artstation you can put your Sketchfab models here.

If you are interested in my work you can find me on Artstation.

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