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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hi there, my name is tjam, and I live in Japan. I am excited about seeing your works on Sketchfab everyday!! And thank you for looking at my work!

I’m afraid my expressions may be hard to read because I’m not so good at English. But please be patient.

This time, I will be talking about my work “The Flower.” The theme of this work is “monster” and “woman.” I decided to make a “monsterwoman” out of a plant.

First, I made some rough sketches to develop my ideas. Drawing the rough sketch is always fun 🙂


Initially, the lower part was not going to be a skull. I was going to put a tree there instead.
When I was making the model, I changed it to a skull. My ideas become fixed at the beginning of making a model.

I’m using the modeling software “Metasequoia” by Japanese 3D modeling software.

I made the flower using a lotus for reference. I made the skull one year ago in zbrush.


My procedure for making 3D models:
1. Make a model
2. UV
3. Posing (or texture painting)
4. Texture painting (or posing)

And then I make modifications.
The paint software I use is Photoshop.


At this stage, the texture is not finished. When I decide on the pose, I complete the texture.

Lastly, I make an outline. Here is a tutorial that is easy to follow.


This is completed.


I have set the rendering to “shadeless,” but please also take a look at the “default” setting. It changes the atmosphere.


Thank you for reading this to the end.
I want to make more 3D works.

Thanks! 🙂

The Flower
by tjam
on Sketchfab

Thanks Tjam!

Go see more of Tjam’s work visit his portfolio here on Sketchfab.

– Bart


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