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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

My name is Stéphan Nappez, I’m 21 years old. I’m a Swiss Student in Ceruleum School of Visual Art, where I learned 2D, 3D animation, and 3D modeling.

First, I was a big fan of Trigger, Gainax Studio,  and Cartoon Network, which motivated me to learn about it and make some of my own. Soon I learnt a few things in 3D at my school and discovered Sketchfab, a website where the 3D models are used for animation, gaming and also illustration, something I didn’t expect for 3D at all before. So I began to practice.

TV Man is the main character from an animation series I’d like to make one day in my life. He is strongly inspired by series like Gurren Lagann, Fooly Cooly, or the Dead Leaves movie.

The pose is from an old drawing I made sometimes ago: I lost the drawing but found a bad quality picture I took from it.

So instead of drawing it again, I decided to make it in 3D.

I modeled it in Autodesk Maya and painted the texture in Photoshop.

The technique was first a strategic choice because I think making a 3D object shadeless is an easier approach to texturing.

I put my scene in flat light, with the RAW mode instead of sRGB gamma, so I could easily look at what I painted.

The RAW mode is the closest to the colour you choose for the texture.

I optimized my UV the best I could. I made a planar mapping at first and after that I cut the object by using the edge for making shells.

The shadow was made at the end of the texture with just a layer of dark red and 60% of opacity.It was the first time I really used the transparency for an object so there are some mistakes.

Because of the brush texture, I think, the scene in Sketchfab had some glitches with the grass. But nobody is perfect so I kept it.

I had a few issues with the render. For example, the object wasn’t appearing in the render view in Maya because the scene was in flat light and not in default light. To solve this issue, I had to create an ambient light.

Then I put the scene back in default light and activate the light in the scene. After that, I could easily make a render (by using Maya hardware render 2.0).

I discovered my love for 3D in the same time I discovered Sketchfab. There’s a large panel of brilliant ideas in it. It’s an inspirational website. And also a great way to get some visibility about 3D art.

Find me here, on Facebook and Tumblr!

Thanks, Stéphan! Any other screen people favorites on Sketchfab? Questions? Leave them below in the comment box! 

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