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In Art Spotlight, we invite Sketchfab artists to talk about one of their designs.

Hi! My name is Stéphane Agullo, I’m a French freelance 3D artist, specialized in architectural perspective, animation  and now real-time animation and modeling! My process is fully GPU, with Lightwave 3D & Octane Render. Today, I’ll go over briefly what goes into a virtual architecture tour.

Illustrations of this spotlight were processed in Octane GPU Render, in UHD-DL at 15 min/frame.


This GPU render is the future, with baking & PBR, and soon same render will be possible. Furthermore, exporting and setting up a project in Sketchfab is very simple and fast!


Sketchfab helps me communicate and validate the models between me, my clients, and their architects in a streamlined fashion. Annotations can be used to define points of views and the rendering can be very realistic. Textures, shaders, lights, animations, and baking offer endless possibilities!


This project, MAQUETTE 3D, tries to push Sketchfab to its fullest capabilities in the Pro version so that the clients can experience a full immersive experience.

I’ve combined 3 kinds of navigations : ANNOTATION / orbital – ANIMATION / first view – VR. For the walkthrough animation, the scene is moving with inverted camera movement so as to avoid issues when the user plays around with the view.


The modeling was done in Lightwave 3D, with a good asset library, which was bought and then incorporated into this animation by me. This is one of reasons this model can’t be distributed for download, since it a lot of the assets are proprietary software and can only be paid for.


This entire project was light baked with 1 HDRI, in 2 UV : 1 for house and 1 for all items. The UV for assets have 1 million polys, for all decorative vegetation and props– but that’s not including the grass! That’s why this is such a heavy Sketchfab animation. It comes with the territory when creating something to be photorealistic as possible and to be shared more in the context of meetings as opposed to embedding it everywhere.


My render farm has 4 x TITAN with Octane Render which is a very speed and powerful solution as you can see. In fact, the 2 HDRI baking, in 8192 x 8192 pixels, takes no more 30 minutes.


The final model has 2 UVs: 1 for texture/surface, and 1 for lighting/bake. The HDRI is also an integral part of Sketchfab for PBR support, which is something that I need in a project like this.


The last step is to export in FBX with Lightwave 3D. I then do a little tweaking in Sketchfab using the post-processing tools in the uploader and then share!


Thanks to Sketchfab for democratizing 3D on the Web, the VR Experience is the new Far West!

Big ups to the team, great work!


Merci & belle visite! Visit my website for more of my work!

Thanks, Stéphane! Now that Stéphane has given us a brief overview, do you have any more specific questions? Leave them in the comments section below!

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