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Another exciting integration to announce today. Artella, the online collaborative platform that helps bring talent together to create incredible projects in animation and VR now supports Sketchfab.

Founded by the team behind Animation Mentor who recognized the need for a new way to collaborate, Artella provides a suite of tools to allow team leaders to pitch their animation or VR project, assemble a team, and partner with team members anywhere in the world.

The following video from Artella gives a nice overview of our integration

In addition to supporting video and audio embeds, the addition of Sketchfab embed support opens up incredible possibilities for collaborating artists to review work in progress in both 3D and VR, provide feedback, revise, and re-post. In addition, collaborators can share Sketchfab scenes in any Profile and/or Feed post on Artella to share project progress with the world.

Be sure to check out our profile on Artella where we’ve featured some of our recent favorites from the Sketchfab community and stay tuned for another exciting announcement with Artella.

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