Artist in Residence wrap-up: Gavin Goulden

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Gavin Goulden, our second Artist in Residence, is Lead Character Artist at Insomniac Games. When we invited him to do a sponsored project at Sketchfab and share his progress with our community he quickly came up with the following idea:

Essentially, I want to create a character that would fit into the world of Mad Max / Fallout / Rage with some blending of styles from things like Shadowrun and Destiny – not totally a rust covered character, and still embrace the colors.

In just a little over three weeks Gavin went from inspiration to sculpting the rough character and his clothes to retopologising the model and texturing it. And while he was doing it he was answering your questions!

His Work in Progress topic on our forum is one of the most viewed ones ever and it’s a goldmine of useful information to all CG artists.

Here’s Gavin’s final model:

Next up is Tor Frick, principal artist at MachineGames. Tor main expertise is hard surface modeling and he’ll be working on a mechanized sentry model.

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About the Sketchfab Artist in Residence Program

We love art at Sketchfab, and want to support art creation in any way we can. Sketchfab sponsors top CG artists to create new artworks, document their progress and educate our community. The program is invitation only, and candidates are carefully selected.


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