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Another fantastic Artist Residency has come to a close this week. Boy Sichterman is a video game environment and props artist working at Elite 3D in Valencia, Spain. Most recently Boy contributed some killer hard-surface to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and has plenty in his pipeline to keep him busy.

For his residency Boy worked on a futuristic safe concept and ended up adding a fun twist for Rick and Morty fans.

Boy walked us through a lot of tips and techniques used to produce the safe including some clever animation tricks for the visual display on the safe. Boy also demonstrated the value of starting with blocking in key shapes to find a compelling form rather than quickly getting tied up with details.

Rotating geometry to give the appearance of an animated texture

Blocking out key shapes

Following Boy’s residency we took a moment to catch up on a few questions:

Paul (Sketchfab): Was this your first time using Sketchfab? What have been your impressions? How did you integrate it into your workflow?

Boy: About 3-4 years ago I used Sketchfab to showcase a few assets when I was still in university. Going back to it now it has come a long way with the animation features, SSAO and more additional goodies. SSAO is great because I don’t have to upload my AO map bringing the total file size down so the model loads even faster even though I am using 4k maps.

Paul: How did you integrate it into your workflow?

Boy: Since I was documenting the creation process on the forums, I uploaded multiple work-in-progress scenes on Sketchfab. Because the safe door needed to be able to open, I had to test it with animation. By simply rotating and key-framing the parts, and exporting FBX with baked animation I could easily showcase this in Sketchfab. Also, I was able to showcase the high-poly with SSAO without any effort and Sketchfab handles the polygons with ease. Using annotations I could pinpoint areas and explain the state of the model and what I was going to improve there.

Paul: What’s next for you? Any big plans of projects coming up?

Boy: A few months ago I finished the high-poly of what probably is the biggest project I ever started, the sci-fi trike.

I am going to start on the low now, which will also be animated so that will definitely pop up on Sketchfab at some point. The end goal is that it is fully rigged, with working mechanics in UE4. There is still a long journey ahead before I get to that point, but I am just slowly and steadily gonna work my way through it.

More great work on Sketchfab from Boy

We wish Boy the very best in his future endeavors and his work on his sci-fi trike. Be sure to catch up on the making of the safe our our forum, follow Boy on Sketchfab, and visit his website for future work.

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