Artist in Residence wrap-up: Kyle Bromley

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This week, our Artist in Residence, Kyle Bromley, completed his fantastic Pedal Harp model. Kyle works as an artist at Sony Santa Monica and is currently working on the upcoming game, “God of War” for the Playstation 4. Working on the Harp gave Kyle an opportunity to take a break from Norse mythology and pursue a personal project:

Kyle used 3ds Max and ZBrush for the modeling and then moved into Photoshop and Substance Painter for the texturing. Kyle started by blocking out 6 variations before choosing a direction he was happy with. A great example of planning in broad strokes before committing to the details. The harp then gave him a fantastic opportunity to dive into some very high detail work:

Some of Kyle’s detail work is just sublime, showing that even an object we think we know well can be full of so much hidden detail. Check out Kyle’s scroll work. Those are some serious hard-surface modeling chops on display:

I took a moment to check-in with Kyle and ask him some questions about his experience with Sketchfab and as a resident:

Paul (Sketchfab): Was this your first time using Sketchfab? What have been your impressions? How did you integrate it into your workflow?

Kyle: This was my second time using Sketchfab in a serious manner and I love it. I used sketchfab back in 2013/14 for some small things here and there so I’m glad to see it’s still here and keeping up with the industry, specifically on the technical side of things. 

Paul: How did you integrate it into your workflow?

Kyle: For this project I was doing weekly uploads. I knew the final result was going to be in Sketchfab so it allowed me to check how it was looking at anytime. On a side note I’m pretty impressed with how many triangles Sketchfab can handle.

Paul: What’s next for you? Any big plans of projects coming up?

Kyle: What’s next for me is making God of War the best looking game ever made! haha but professional work aside I’m actually heading back to my Kegbot that I made a year or so ago. Here is the High Poly of that guy:

I’ve had that Kegbot ready to go for what seems like forever. It’s already baked and is currently just sitting in a folder…so it should be a quick one to finish up. I plan on uploading that one to Sketchfab as well.

Also have a project in the works with a buddy of mine for the unreal marketplace but it’s early in development so nothing to show yet. Messing around with the idea of using Sketchfab to let potential buyers view the assets before purchasing.

We wish Kyle the very best of luck with completing “God of War”, his work on “Kegbot” and moving on to more great projects both professional and personal. Take a moment to check out Kyle’s other work at his Sketchfab profile, and don’t forget to check in on his forum thread for much more behind the scenes on the harp.

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