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We’re pleased to announce ArtStation integration, enabling artists to share interactive 3D files on ArtStation quickly and easily. In addition to showcasing multiple images and videos on artworks, you can now directly embed 3D content that can be viewed interactively on both the ArtStation community and your ArtStation website. 


“Integrating Sketchfab opens the floodgates for 3D artists to share their work in an interactive 3D medium,” says Leonard Teo, CEO, ArtStation. “There are so many use cases for this. In addition to showing an artwork’s process via images and videos, they can now show their models in 3D right in ArtStation. If they’re making game assets, they can show it in full, interactive 3D with annotations and explanations.”

Cathedral by patrix on Sketchfab

To use Sketchfab with ArtStation, first upload your model onto Sketchfab. When creating or editing an artwork on ArtStation, click the “Add 3D Model” button and paste the Sketchfab URL in.

If you don’t have an ArtStation account yet, you can signup for free here. Send us your examples of Sketchfab embeds on ArtStation, we will share them on our social feeds!

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