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We recently pushed some changes to our PBR material processing. Nothing is new, but it will affect all future uploads, so it is important to understand what has changed.

Default PBR

New model uploads now use PBR mode for rendering by default instead of Classic. PBR is the best choice in almost every situation. Lighting and materials are more realistic, but workflows like hand painting still look great!

Colored lightmaps is one possible Classic use case, but this is a rather uncommon edge case. Don’t be afraid of complicated options in the editor. Read the Help Center to learn what they all mean.

Awesome PBR models:

Auto PBR

The permanent home for this content is the Help Center.

We’ve also introduced “Generalized PBR Auto Mapping”…

Use our naming conventions to help us apply textures to the correct shader slots. The format is “MaterialName_suffix.extension“. If you have a material named “Material1“, name your textures “Material1_diffuse.png“, “Material1_metallic.png“, etc.

Avoid names with special characters, especially periods ‘.’, underscores ‘_’, and hyphens ‘-‘ because this can break the matching code.

These are the strings we look for in the suffix:

  • Diffuse / Albedo / Base Color: ‘diffuse’, ‘albedo’, ‘basecolor’
  • Metalness: ‘metalness’, ‘metallic’, ‘metal’, ‘m’
  • Specular: ‘specular’, ‘spec’, ‘s’
  • Specular F0: ‘specularf0’, ‘f0’
  • Roughness: ‘roughness’, ‘rough’, ‘r’
  • Glossiness: ‘glossiness’, ‘glossness’, ‘gloss’, ‘g’, ‘glossy’
  • AO: ‘ambient occlusion’, ‘ao’, ‘occlusion’, ‘lightmap’, ‘diffuseintensity’
  • Cavity: ‘cavity’
  • Normal Map: ‘normal’, ‘nrm’, ‘normalmap’
  • Bump Map: ‘bump’, ‘bumpmap’, ‘heightmap’
  • Emission: ’emission’, ’emit’, ’emissive’
  • Transparency: ‘transparency’, ‘transparent’, ‘opacity’, ‘mask’, ‘alpha’

The Substance Painter Exporter and 3D-Coat Exporter have done for some time. Now we expanded it to all uploads and all formats! If you follow these guidelines, we will do our best to make your materials look great.

I hope this is useful for your publishing workflow! Let us know if you run into any trouble.

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