Automatic Scan Processing with Agisoft PhotoScan and Sketchfab

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If you’re 3D scanning a LOT of people, an optimized workflow is going to save you a lot of time. Scripted setups can streamline the basic steps that are involved in your process. Today, learn how to automate scanning in Agisoft PhotoScan and as a bonus, upload the results to Sketchfab right away!

The team behind the Pi 3D Scanner, an open-source hardware based 3D scanning booth, has cracked this case. Their integrated workflow with Agisoft PhotoScan and Sketchfab allows them to quickly process their captures, strip off background and other noise and upload them to Sketchfab – all with the click of one button.

And in the spirit of open source, they share their solution with us! They’re giving away the required script and offer a step-by-step explanation. You will find the full details, including downloads, on their site. For now, take a look at this presentation of the process:

And before I sign off, meet Richard from the Pi 3D Scanner team 🙂

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