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Last week was a bit crazy, as 4 of us from the Sketchfab team attended Siggraph, the largest Computer Graphics trade show, in Vancouver. It was our second Siggraph, and it was a blast!

We had a small but nice booth, just facing the booth of our Blender friends. We also had an amazing Perceptive Pixel touch screen (thank you Microsoft!), just the best way to show gorgeous 3D content in all its glory.


Here is a breakdown of what we were up to:

We announced PBR support

Physically Based Rendering also know as PBR, is the next generation of rendering. With PBR, models materials are more accurate and work great under all lighting conditions. In collaboration with our friends from Allegorithmic, we demoed experimental PBR support on the web with Sketchfab.


We released our own cardboard VR kit

We gave away 500 Sketchfab Cardboard VR kits, letting you browse any Sketchfab model in VR.


We announced our integration with Smart3Dcapture

You can now publish your 3D scans directly from Smart3Dcapture to Sketchfab, more on that soon!


We presented at the WebGL BOF

It’s great to see how WebGL (the tech Sketchfab is using to display 3D graphics without a plugin) is used by more and more people in the industry, and getting better and better support. We had a chance to present Sketchfab at the WebGL BOF, here is our presentation:

We 3D scanned the crowd

As we had just received our awesome Structure sensor, we put together a mobile 3D scanning booth, and used Itseez3D to scan anyone who wanted! Check out Ton from Blender below 🙂

All in all, we just had a great time 🙂


We can’t wait for Siggraph 2015 in LA, our booth is already booked, see you all there!


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