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It’s time to head back to school, so we want to make it as easy for you as we can by offering PRO accounts for students and teachers! That’s a $15/month value for FREE!

Whether you’re learning 3D modeling, handpainting or animation, we’re the easiest way to share and show your 3D files on the web!

Cudillero Diorama Bake
by ThomasKole
on Sketchfab

Why Sketchfab?

  • Submit homework: make it easier for your teacher to grade your work by just sending them a Sketchfab link
  • Easy publishing: we’ve got exporters from all your favorite software
  • Simple sharing: showcase your work in progress and easily embed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Behance and a multitude of other sites
  • Share with your friends and family: finally, an easy way to show them what you create
  • Add annotations and ask questions to get feedback
  • Keep your portfolio in the cloud, access all your models wherever you go
  • Meet other students and 3D professionals
  • Receive community feedback
  • Download and share assets
  • Embed your 3D portfolio anywhere


Sign up now and get started in minutes.

Teachers, are you already using Sketchfab in your classroom? We’d love to hear from you! Stay tuned for more education ideas later this week.

Happy September!

– Natalia


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