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To become a successful seller on the Sketchfab Store, simply uploading your models might not be enough. In addition to being active in our community and up-to-date on Sketchfab’s latest features, there are additional steps you can take to help you increase your revenue. Here are 3 strategies that some of our rockstar sellers use.

Create a diverse portfolio

You will increase your chance of making sales by offering models from multiple categories (e.g., architecture, music, pets, weapons, cars) in your Sketchfab Store. The more categories your portfolio represents, the more visibility you will have within Store search results. Plus, a diverse portfolio will also allow potential buyers to understand your skills and capabilities and see your versatility as an artist.

  • Remember to showcase quality instead of quantity. Don’t upload every 3D model you’ve ever worked on. Buyers typically don’t have time to dig for the best models in your profile. Select the models that will show off your current skills.
  •  Be extra careful with model thumbnails. Buyers are attracted to well-presented models—if your model thumbnail is not well composed or it’s hard to read visually, it will be unlikely to catch a buyer’s eye.
  • After uploading your models, make sure to take advantage of Sketchfab’s 3D Editor settings, which will help you improve the overall look of your assets. For tips on making your models look their best, check out this guide to post-processing filters or these suggestions for improving your lighting and shadows.

Implement a smart pricing strategy

In the Sketchfab Store, each seller dictates their own prices. We understand that coming up with the right price for your models can be both exciting and tricky. Remember that the effort you put into creating a given asset should not be the sole factor for determining its price—think about your time and expertise as well.

Avoid lowering your prices too much. A high-poly, extremely realistic model for $10 may raise a buyer’s suspicions and cause them to question the quality of the overall model. Paradoxically, they might choose a more expensive model, thinking that the higher price means higher quality and a feeling of greater confidence in their purchase.

An effective strategy to find the sweet spot in pricing is to experiment with different prices for your models. For example, you can upload your high poly 3D car for $40 and take note of your sales. After a few weeks, lower your cost a bit or increase it to play with different scenarios. Monitor sales during your experimentation period and you’ll be able to identify which price performs best in the long term. To make the fine-tuning process most effective, be sure to apply our best practices for improving your model’s discoverability.

Finally, do some research. Go through the Sketchfab Store and look for similar 3D models, become familiar with the price ranges from other sellers and use that as a guide for your own work.

Upload multiple file formats

Different buyers use different softwares depending on their own needs and as a result, there is no “best” format to offer for sale. The more distinct formats you provide, the more buyers you will reach, and the easier it will be for buyers to find what they need.

Many buyers use Sketchfab’s file format search filter to identify models that match their requirements. Thus, if your model is only available in OBJ format, it will be excluded from many buyers’ search results.

As a baseline, we recommend uploading FBX and OBJ files. Going the extra mile to make your assets compatible with real-time game engines (e.g., Unity and Unreal Engine) can also help increase your opportunity to generate sales.

If you are not yet a seller, apply to become part of our amazing and dynamic creator community.

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