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Hi, I’m Avi, an award-winning filmmaker by trade and head of the Sketchfab Store. Even before joining Sketchfab, I was fascinated by 3D and, of course, I knew of Sketchfab as the place where the best 3D artists go to share their work and get inspired. I find 3D as a medium to be exceptionally flexible and, ever since I joined the company and started to oversee the growth of our marketplace, I realized that the talent of artists we’ve gathered here is just limitless.

I had a few ideas for what to write about in this article but I decided to focus on what I know well, which is our store and the store seller community. As a filmmaker who still tries to make films, I wanted to focus on the topic of cinematic 3D models. So here are the five best 3D models that have a cinematic ambiance to them and tell stories.

So here we go:

Lost in the Woods by PippyJ

This is probably one of my favorites as it has an amazing ambiance and mood overall. This scene can allow for very personal interpretations but I love the story that the artist includes in the model description. It’s just right.

Harry Potter – Hogwart’s Great Hall Animated by JER3D

Another one of my favorites. It’s an amazing interpretation of the Harry Potter world and exactly how I would imagine the Great Hall at Hogwarts to look. With subtle animation on the candles and beautiful, warm lighting, this scene feels just right.

Day 13 – Minimalistic: Empty by Noss

This is an amazing example of a 3D model that tells such a sad story. This one is definitely one of my favorites and, in fact, was one of my very first staff picks as part of the team here at Sketchfab. Subtle colors and the low poly approach feel very authentic to this scene and I just love the lighting.

Dystopian Cyberpunk Skyscraper by quaz30

I like this one a lot. It’s so cinematic that it looks like it came straight out of Blade Runner. I love how stylized everything is and how the artist focuses on each detail from the dimmed lights leaking through the windows to texturized banners and grainy scene ambiance. I may be a bit biased here as I love cyberpunk but I think this scene is done in style.

Voskhod by msanjurj

A simple yet beautiful rendition of a human in space. This one always reminds me of “The Gravity”, a film by Alfonso Cuarón about an astronaut getting stranded in space. Infinite dark space behind and a shiny blue earth add the right ambiance to this scene. I love the simplicity of modeling and textures while the visuals still convey the scariness of the space.


There are so many more awesome story-telling cinematic assets on Sketchfab that I could write about them for days. I hope the models in this article inspire you as much as they inspire me. If you have not yet, please feel free to apply below to join the ranks of our amazing community of award-winning artists who sell their art through the Sketchfab Store.


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