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Sketchfab community members produce so much incredible content that sometimes it can be overwhelming to identify new people to follow or focus on just one thing as you scan your newsfeed. In our “Best of Sketchfab” series, we will highlight some of our favorite community members, collections, and models. Today we’re taking a look at collections of cultural heritage models and, because I (Abby) have picked these out, they lean heavily toward archaeology. :)

1. Collections by Luis Coya

ARTE PREHISTÓRICO by luiscoya on Sketchfab

Luis has assembled a variety of collections that range from prehistoric artifacts to replicas of the Xi’an warriors, ancient Egyptian and European artifacts, and even dinosaur fossils. The models have all been created by Luis and each collection is introduced with explanatory text (mostly in Spanish) about what the collection contains.

To learn more about Luis’ work, check out an article he wrote for us earlier this year.

2. Collections by David Anderson

Cairo Museum by danderson4 on Sketchfab

Prof. Anderson’s collections include a wide variety of scans pertaining to ancient Egypt, organized by theme or course number. The models’ descriptions include useful explanatory text as well as cross-references to other models.

3. Collections by RLA Archaeology

Stone Axes & Adzes by RLA Archaeology on Sketchfab

These collections highlight beautiful examples of prehistoric and historic American archaeological artifacts. The models, created by the RLA Archaeology team, are well made and include catalog information about the objects, which provides important context for understanding them.

To learn more about the RLA and the work that they’re doing, read this article from 2018.

4. Collections by Alexandre Tokovinine

Copan by Alexandre Tokovinine on Sketchfab

These collections feature beautiful scans of Mesoamerican sites and artifacts, both in the field and from museum collections. Helpful contextual information is frequently included in model descriptions. Prof. Tokovinine’s work can be explored in more detail on our blog.

5. Collections by Panorama

Digitalisation Collection des Plâtres antiques ULB by Panorama on Sketchfab

The team at Panorama has put together a wide assortment of collections, containing everything from museum objects to more everyday sorts of items. Descriptions are in French.


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