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As a member of the Sketchfab Community Team, I spend a lot of time browsing models and I see a lot of crazy and funny content every day. I started maintaining my ‘Food Characters’ collection a few years ago, and it still makes me smile whenever I find a new one. (Did I miss some? Please leave suggestions in the comments below!). Enjoy!

Bread Warrior by AliceDruzga

George the Bread Warrior is a fierce little dude. I think he uses his huge knife to slice his enemies from the Loaf tribe.

BananoSerker – Banana by Tuteupai

BananoSerker is a moody little beast. I’d love to see him fight Bread Warrior. ⚔️

His scoville scale it’s over 9000! by Henry Rietra

Certain Sketchfab team members like to remind us that they’re ‘hot’ (awesome). But they can’t touch this little guy (not even you, PA!).

Ice cream with a sword by Ruslan Turchin

Is he scared? Happy? Manic? I don’t care, he looks delicious and I want him to be my friend!

Radish in a Bathtub by Aender Lara

He looks so relaxed… I bet he didn’t think about what would happen once he’s properly cooked!


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