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Hello! I’m James. I’ve been at Sketchfab for about six and a half years. My official title is Product Specialist, and I’m a bit of a Jack of all Trades here. I lead community support, and also help with account management for Enterprise clients. I dabble on the web development side of things, too, managing some internal tools, digging into analytics, and building Viewer API demos.

I grew up in the 90s, so the Pokémon franchise has been a big part of my life. I wanted to put together a list of “The best Pokémon 3D models on Sketchfab”. However, it quickly became clear that there is just too much great content that fits the category! So, I decided to focus on Pokémon-themed dioramas and small scenes. These can show off not only the awesome modeling skills in our community but also inspired compositions and fun storytelling.

Here we go!

Pikachu VS Raichu – pokemon by graograman

The battle between Ash’s Pikachu and Lt. Surge’s Raichu is an absolute classic in the original anime series. This scene definitely does justice to that showdown with its awesome dynamic poses and expressions.

Gyarados by Karstart

The love-hate relationship with Magikarp is known to anyone who’s watched or played Pokémon. It’s a mostly-useless Pokémon, but it eventually evolves into the very powerful Gyarados. Red Gyarados was also one of the first introductions of “shiny” Pokémon, which are very rare color variations. This scene is a beautiful 3D rendition of Missy Peña’s gorgeous 2D print. I’m a sucker for the saturated colors and ink pen style.

First Impression by R-no71

I love the black-and-white manga-inspired style of this intense battle between Scizor and Golisopod. This is an incredible use of custom Matcaps, which is pretty rare on Sketchfab, so I always like to see it done this purposefully and well. It’s also a very clever use of a custom background.

Back alley by xeroseis

It’s great to see a darker, grittier take on the Pokémon world. I really enjoy the details in this model, like the Team Skull tags and the run-down shop entrance. The scene includes the very sad story of Mimikyu, a Pokémon so scary that it has to hide itself under a rag to be accepted by others.

Pokemon (Stylized) by menglow

There’s a great attention to detail in this scene, with a ton of different components. The stylized versions of all the Legendary Pokémon are adorable, and it includes one of my very favorite Pokémon – Moltres 🙂

Choosing just five models was really tough, and I’m sure there are others out there that I’m forgetting or maybe haven’t seen yet. I will list some honorable mentions though, which I think any Pokémon fan can enjoy:

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