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We’ve been collaborating with to add Sketchfab integration directly into their forum as a default option like a video or an image. The feature is now live and ready to use!

It can be accessed through the quick or advanced reply in any thread. Here’s how to use it:

Click the Sketchfab icon in the toolbar:


Paste in the full URL of your Sketchfab model:


Since the beginning of Sketchfab, we always gave great attention to Blender support: we support native blender files, have a blender exporter and now this fantastic new feature is available for the community. Special thanks to Wes and the BA team for making this possible with us, here is their dedicated post about it, feel free to test it right away in the thread!

If you run a forum and wish to have such integration with us, drop us a line and we’ll put our hands on it 🙂

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