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This announcement is out of date, and some information is deprecated. You can find up-to-date information about the Blender exporter in the Help Center.

Big news for our blender users: thanks to Bart Crouch, we now have a blender exporter, which means you can upload your models directly from within blender to Sketchfab with a single click.


  • 1-click uploading
  • Api Key is stored, so only needs to be entered once
  • Uploading is done in the background, so you can continue using Blender

Download the exporter

NB: You need to feel in your email in your dashboard to get your API key, required to use the exporter.

Blender support 

We also pushed advanced blender support, including:

Material shader support diffuse (toon, lambert, fresnel,Oren Nayar, mineart) and specular (cooktorrence, phong, blinn toon, wardiso)

Texture Material support image and need uv channels. Operation between texture chanel are handled with Mix and Multiply operator (more later). Channel diffuse support (color, intensity, alpha), specular channel (color, intensity, hardness), geometry normal map (in tangent space).

Light currently support the following type, Lamp, Sun, Spot, Hemi are suported but not Area. if you find area light in your scene they will be converted to Hemi light.


Many thanks again to Bart Crouch, check out his website for more info and options.

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