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Looking for cool content to try your Oculus? Access more than 100,000 Oculus-ready 3D models on Sketchfab, right from your browser! 

VG Remix – Skyrim can be viewed with your Oculus headset

There is no interface for this yet, so here’s how it works: Just add /embed?oculus=1 (for a dk1) or /embed?oculus=2 (for a dk2) at the end of any Sketchfab model url.


Note that Sketchfab isn’t communicating with the Oculus sensors yet (working on it!), as of now we’re only optimising models to be viewed with a VR headset. So if you move your head, the model will stay static, you’ll need to use Sketchfab’s navigation options to move around. You can set the view mode to FPS at bottom right corner, for walkthrough navigation instead of orbit mode.


Now plug your Oculus (or borrow one to a friend or colleague!) and start browsing Sketchfab to look for a great model, add the url parameters, click play and enjoy!

Here are some great galleries to browse from : our staff picks page features some of the best work on Sketchfab, this folder features great scenes from our Video Games Remix contest in partnership with Polycount. 

And if you don’t want to have to manually add the Oculus parameters in the url, Andreas Aronsson just made a Sketchfab staff pick gallery player for Oculus

Oculus Rift by Mestaty on Sketchfab

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  • V says:

    If the Oculus Home app had a button to dive into entire Sketchfab library, it would be amazing to say the least.

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