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With the launch of the new material editor and being able to add environmental reflection to models, we are looking for new cubemaps for everyone in the community to use, and we want you to be a part of it.


The Sketchfab call for cubemaps will run for 3 weeks and the maps picked will be added as defaults for use on models. This is a first step before letting everyone used their own cubemaps.

This is an opportunity for anyone in the community to have a piece of their work added permanently to the site.

There is plenty of material on creating cubemaps but for those who may not know: A cubemap is 6 images stitched together on a cube. Once applied, the texture seamlessly wraps and can be used to create reflections on a model.

If you are interested in creating some cubemaps and want to know more, check out the link below to the for more information about what they are, as well as useful tutorials and programs that can help you produce them. Polycount Wiki – Cubemaps

Once they are complete, save them as a .JPEG and either 1024×1024 or 2048×2048 pixels and send them to

You can send your proposals until January 31st.

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