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Now that we’ve got the bad pun out the way we have some great news for Sketchfab members who work with point clouds.

We’ve supported point clouds on Sketchfab for some time but now we’ve gone ahead and added the ability to adjust the rendering size of the points which can help “fill” out your scene and more accurately represent your subject matter. Here’s an example of the slider in action. You’ll find it under the first tab in the 3D editor:


And here’s Andrei‘s point cloud in action demonstrating how the model can take on form with nothing but points in space:

So let’s see those point clouds. Not only will you be able to set the size on any future uploads, you can retroactively revisit your past work and adjust the slider for the best results. And don’t forget – we also support animated point clouds like this incredible example from Felipe Baeza.

For more information on sharing your point clouds on Sketchfab, visit our Help Center.

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