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Sketchfab has long been a place for artists to publish and share their work. As a team, we love staff picking and sharing our favorite art each day and we often send each other models we find inspiring.

So we’re thrilled to announce that as of today, we’ve made this process of sharing your favorites easier. Anyone can now become a digital curator with Collections!

Folders allowed you to categorize your own work, Collections go a step further and let you easily gather and share work from other artists too.

How it works

See a model you like? Besides liking it, you can now also add it to a collection with the new ‘ADD TO’ button:


When you click it, you’re prompted to pick a collection to add it to, or create a new one. If you had folders before, you’ll see they have become collections you can grow:


If models are part of a Collection (or of more than one Collection), this will be shown on the Model page, making it easier to discover more related work:


Create as many as you like! Sort by theme, interest, WIP’s… here’s some collections our Masters have started to give you ideas

Explore awesome SciFi vehicles curated by Phil Gosch:

Sci-Fi Vehicles by Phil Gosch on Sketchfab

Or fantastical quests and adventures from theStoff:

Quests and Adventures by theStoff on Sketchfab

A better way to explore

We’ve heard that you want better ways to discover great new art on Sketchfab, and with so much being uploaded every day, we think Collections will really help!

Explore and discover new content by subject matter in the Collections dropdown menu ‘Explore’:


You can see what other people are interested in and subscribe to their collections to get updates. The updates will appear in your newsfeed, helping you discover relevant, interesting new content:


What’s next?

We’ll keep improving Collections as we see how you use them. So, give them a go and leave us your feedback in the comments below. Any questions? You’ll always find help in the Help Center.

We can’t wait to see what you curate!

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