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We see a lot of crowdfunding campaigns every week that use embeds of 3D models to show a concept, work in progress or a product sample. We wanted to ask the creators of various campaigns to share how they made their campaigns successful. Here’s EverDock’s story from Cameron and David.


How it all began

David and I started FUZ Designs with the launch of our first product, the EverDock, on Kickstarter in September of 2013.

We began developing the EverDock with consumers in mind, specifically focusing on solving the problem of ever-changing charging ports and cables for every different brand of phone or tablet out there. Adding that to the endless amount of case sizes and types, it was easy to see why buyers were having such a hard time finding docks to fit their needs.

We wanted to create a dock to account for all these variations and give consumers the only dock they would ever need—the EverDock. It would allow for an effortless change between lightning, 30-pin, and micro-USB chargers as well as the use of removable silicone protectors to accommodate different types of cases.

Then we thought, since many people have several devices, why not create a dock that can handle more than one device at a time? So in addition to launching the single EverDock on Kickstarter, we launched the EverDock Duo, so users could consolidate their devices while keeping them charged.

We wanted to be very clear with our fans and backers on how the design of the EverDock and how the cable ran through the channel on the bottom of it. That’s why we decided to embed a 3D rendering on our project page with Sketchfab:

by FuzDesigns
on Sketchfab

The campaign process

We set our goal at $50,000 and chose to let the campaign run for 30 days. Within just a day and a half, we had met our goal of $50,000, and momentum was building. Multiple news stations ran stories about the successful campaign and the EverDock was featured in several popular tech blogs, all drawing more attention to our product.

The positive feedback of everyone who saw the campaign was exciting and prompted us to offer some stretch goals of different color options for the silicon protectors and the docks themselves.

By October 17, the final day of the campaign, the EverDock had successfully raised $452,457 USD with 4,491 backers. During the campaigning process, our team made trips to China to ensure everything was going smoothly with the tooling process, so we could remain on track for our exceptionally quick delivery date.

By December 20, the last few docks were being shipped just in time for the holidays and backers were extremely satisfied with the seamless process.[Ed note: That is a truly remarkable timeline for a crowdfunded hardware product!]

Since then, the FUZ team has grown to 9 people and has launched successful campaigns for other consumer electronic accessories including a car version of the EverDock.


Our advice to you

David and I attribute our successful Kickstarter campaign to our initial preparation and emphasis on good customer service.

In regards to preparation, we made sure that before the launch we already had connections with manufacturers capable of bringing our ideas to life, so there wouldn’t be hang-ups when the time came to start production.

We had also worked to build hype around the launch in the online tech community as well as with local community members to get an early surge of backers when the campaign went live. This was helpful in getting featured on Kickstarter’s popular lists, which drew a lot of extra attention to the EverDock campaign.

Good customer service was another critical factor in having success on Kickstarter. Backers responded really well to the quick and thoughtful responses to their comments as well as continuous updates and photos of the EverDock’s progress. We made it a point to build personal relationships with our backers so no one had to feel vulnerable about making a pledge. This high level of customer satisfaction and trust really paid off in the EverDock campaign as well as future campaigns.

More than anything, being ready to work hard day and night for 30 full days was what helped David and me stand out above many other campaigners. We set out to perfect our product and provide the absolute best experience possible for our customers because that was our #1 priority from the start.

Best of luck for your campaign!

Thank you Cameron! We hope other entrepreneurs hoping to launch crowdfunding campaigns will find your tips helpful.



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