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“Defend the Fawkin Station” project is a touch-based, sci-fi shooter with strategic elements for mobile devices and tablets. It is in development by Work in Motion Studios who are a small CG visual effects and digital production company based in Puerto Rico.

Sketchfab is supporting the project by offering a PRO account for their current, and future needs. Below you will see a variety of models Work in Motion have already uploaded.

Defend the Fawkin Station is the team’s first attempt at a stand-alone game and are currently running a Kickstarter campaign with a $10,000 goal. There are also stretch goals if their targets are achieved including:  Ouya Support, Co-Op Multiplayer, Boss Survival Mode and more!

You take the role of a commander on a planets surrounding orbital ring. The mission is to defend the station and the inhabitants of the planet from an invasion fleet.

Gameplay revolves around shooting enemies and building up multipliers, collecting new weapons or items, and using environmental hazards such as asteroids to crash them into oncoming waves.

As the game progresses, stages are introduced with each of them featuring new challenges, enemies, boss fights and strategic elements. Acquisition of alien technology allows you to upgrade the stations offensive and defensive capabilities to give you the edge over the enemies.

You can play an early version of the game through their Web Player or Google Play for Android.

If you like the look of this great game, you have until Sunday, February 17th 2:01 EST to back it on their Kickstarter page. On there you will see how much effort has gone into development including  gameplay videos and concept art.

You can also follow the game development on Twitter @GeneralFawkin

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