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Sometimes you need to quickly share some materials on a sample model. Maybe you’re a CG artist who needs to share progress with his peers, or maybe you’re in the business of selling textures and you want to show them in a beautiful way. Of course you can do all that with Sketchfab, but we found that uploading a fully textured model each time was just too much work. So we came up with something much simpler: the Sketchfab Materials Showcase.

Before explaining how it works, let’s just see what it looks like! You can load different textures into the following embed by selecting them from the links below it. Note that it won’t reload the entire model – just the textures!

Select a different set of textures here to update the model:

Now let’s see how this magic is done!

The Showcase allows you to use an existing model on Sketchfab and load texture files that you have hosted somewhere else (like on Dropbox) into your model. It works by adding the relevant channel data to the model URL:<your model model>#material_diffuse=<your texture URL>

By default, the Showcase will look for a material called ‘main_material’, to update the texture channels. You can specify other materials with the ‘material_names’ parameter. For example:


In this case, the specified texture channels will work on both materials: body and body_floor.

The available channel names are:

  • material_emissive
  • material_transparency
  • material_normal
  • material_ao
  • material_cavity
  • material_diffuse (can’t be disabled)
  • material_metalness (can’t be disabled, switches to the PBR Metalness workflow)
  • material_specular (can’t be disabled, switches to the PBR Specular workflow)
  • material_roughness (can’t be disabled)
  • material_glossiness (can’t be disabled)
  • material_f0

You can disable some channels by leaving their parameter empty (like ‘material_emissive=’).

Update: to enable the Material Showcase, you need to add the following parameter:

  • material_showcase=1

Note: the Showcase can only load images that support the ‘CORS’ standard like Dropbox and imgur. 

Full demo: Substance Materials

substance sampler

(Click image to launch the Substance Sampler)

Probe models

As mentioned before, you can use any model for the Showcase, but we have prepared some pretty good ones for you already:

Pro tip: subscribe to this collection to receive updates when we add new probes to it.

What do you think? Note that this is just a first version – if enough people find it useful we will extend the functionality, make it easier to use etc. If you’ve used it somewhere or if you have a cool probe to share, please share a link in the comments below!

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Ian Pretorius

Ian Pretorius

Digital Media Developer residing in Sunny South Africa. I'm passionate about digital art especially in regards to real time rendering.

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  • Avatar Stevenb says:

    This is actually extremely awesome! I have been considering trying to make a car with all of the standard car paint colors etc, and I think this will work beautifully for that purpose. Right now the texture changing is running a bit slow for me. Maybe it’s just me (I hope so). This is very, very, cool though. Imagine a character that can switch between costumes right here on sketchfab! This is definitely something I would like to see come to life. Well done!

  • Avatar adam crockett says:

    One step closer to using sketchfab tech for our furniture configurator!

    • Avatar Bart Veldhuizen says:

      Sounds cool! Care to tell me more about that? 🙂 Email me if you’d like to keep it private: bart[at]sketchfab[dot]com

  • Avatar Daniel Bohn says:

    that’s great!
    I would like to change a color value from a material , is there a way to do that?

  • Avatar Klee Miller says:

    cool thanks

  • Avatar Blackant says:

    Cool !
    Hère Israël m’y test bal for matériels création!
    Home you’ll use Italie a lot!

    • shaderbytes shaderbytes says:

      I would think the poly count of your model is not very practical for a real time rendered material probe, 1.1 million faces.

  • It’s very cool functionality!
    I think that i will use it to switch the colors/materials of the 3D car on a website for my client 🙂

  • Avatar 4535993 says:

    Great, feature

  • Avatar michael says:

    it‘s awesome!but i also need some help
    i use the code:
    for two part main_material and main_material but it just works for main_mainterial.

  • Avatar Madalin Berechet says:

    Awesome! works great on major ecommerce platforms, but Facebook dismiss all embed options (init options and materials) even without autostart. Do you know details, it’s about a restriction or an omision? Thanks!

  • Is there something similar for 3D Models?

    Say instead of switching materials, I’d like to be able to change models. Or, even better both, materials and textures in combination.

  • Avatar Warsoul says:

    Pretty cool but i have created 30 new substances today, did i want to waste 2 days to upload 30 textures sets and input each textures for each set manually to showcase my substances ? Look like it’s more time consumming to showcase than create stuff. Weird, no ?

  • Avatar Warsoul says:

    I hope we will get a plugin where we can plug our Substances directly with exposed parameters, that way viewers can play with procedural Substances to see what they got before buying. Textures viewers must hardcoded disabled.

    A monthly and yearly subscription in the sketchfab’s store can be usefull for Substances Artists who wanna sell a subscription plan like Substances Source.

    Pay for a year and get all Substances in that Specific Collection.

  • This is so amazing, thanks you so much! I can’t wait to dig into it. I just started using the Sketchfab exporter for 3dsmax. Do you plan on having the option to export it to a specific renderer, ie Corona?

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