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About Us

We are DRONETEAM, a Lithuania-based team of unmanned aerial vehicle and photogrammetry experts. We primarily specialize in drone-related services: photogrammetry and 3D mapping. We make 3D models of separate properties and even whole cities! However, one of our latest projects was for the Lithuanian National Art Gallery. Lithuanian National Art Gallery has the vision to create a virtual museum with some of their exhibits, so anyone can have the opportunity to take a tour. Using photogrammetry technology we transferred over 50 exhibits in different sizes and shapes to 3D models. And it was no easy task. More on that later.


First of all, let‘s talk about the hardware we used. Our main tool was a handheld camera. For better lighting quality, a lightbox was used. A turntable with auto-triggering capabilities for the creation of flawless 3D scans of even the most intricate small objects was very helpful. For scaling we chose AprilTags on separate objects with known dimensions. All the data processing was done using Bentley Systems’ ContextCapture software.


During this project, we faced four main challenges. First of all, we had a large range of object sizes. The smallest object was a few centimeters and the largest was a couple of meters. This was the main reason why we chose photogrammetry since this technology is scale-independent. Readers who do photogrammetry know that it‘s a real pain making models with moving parts. We got over this by simply fixing the moving parts in place, but very subtly and without making obvious modifications to the object itself. Lastly, all objects were in different galleries and parts of the country, so we had to travel around the country and carry our equipment with us, as exhibits weren‘t allowed to be transported. This extended the project timeline a lot.

Some Moments

The Role of Sketchfab

It is said that art belongs to humans. With the help of Sketchfab, we have been able to make some art exhibits available for viewing by everyone. What we like about Sketchfab is that it has an intuitive interface and high popularity for people searching for 3D models. Below you can find some of our art gallery models.

Few More Words…

3D technologies are moving forward very quickly. More and more institutions, production companies, and other organizations see the advantages and usefulness of such technology. We, DRONETEAM, believe that only imagination is limiting how we can use such data. Feel free to follow us on social media, and find out more about cool things we have done so far and what we will do in the future.

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