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We are happy to announce that we are now integrated with Dropr!

So what exactly is Dropr ? 

It’s a great portfolio platform for creative people. It comes with a slick interface and even a dose of inspiration that pops up directly on your dashboard. 


Your Dropr portfolio is easy to step up thanks to drag and drop features. A whole bunch of files and formats are accepted. Image, audio, video, interactive, etc. and 3D content thanks to a full and seamless integration with Sketchfab! 

The best part? If you’re already a Sketchfab user you’ll only need your API key to sync and choose between the models you want to embed in your Dropr portfolio. If you’re not registered on Sketchfab, no worries, you can register directly from Dropr’s platform and start to add 3D content right after.

Here are some screenshots detailing the process : 

What does this mean for Dropr?

Dropr want’s to be the place where you can share all types of content, and with the Sketchfab integration it means they almost doubled the number of their supported file formats 🙂


How does it look ?

Check Gary’s Dropr portfolio!

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