Exporting from SolidWorks to Sketchfab using Keyshot bridge

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by Un Fou
on Sketchfab

Our SolidWorks exporter is in dire need of some attention – it supports SolidWorks 2014, but not 2015. Community member Lam Phung found a workaround that he shared on the forum.

Lam says:

The Sketchfab exporter somehow doesn’t work on my computer and I got many problems with the Solidworks importer of 3ds max. So I used Keyshot bridge to get it done.

Here is my workflow to export a model from Solidworks to Sketchfab, using Keyshot bridge. It may not the best way but it works smoothly for me. If anyone has a better method, please share. Thank you.

Continue reading on the forum.

Did this issue bite you too? Please do leave a comment – the more feedback we get, the faster we can get this fixed!

Thanks Lam!

– Bart


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