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WebGL, the tech we use to display interactive 3D models in the browser without a plugin, is available on almost 70% of devices (all OS, all browsers). Every day we see new efforts to push it further, and make it 100% available natively.

In the meantime, you really need to be able to show your models everywhere, and we can understand that 🙂 That’s why we just released an image-based fallback, automatically displaying a 360° view of your model when WebGL isn’t available. It means Sketchfab will work on any device, tablet, smartphone, browser… Here is a quick demo on an iPhone:

How does it work? We use a set of automatically generated screenshots of your model, and put them together to create the equivalent of a turntable. It is generated as soon as you upload your model, and should be available within a minute, depending on the size of your model. The fallback uses the rotation axis you set, so it might not always provide the ideal 360° view, depending on the initial view you set up for your model. In the next version we’ll release an option for you to re-run the fallback if you are not happy with the automatic one.

The fallback is still in beta mode, and we are fixing a few things, but generally speaking it is out there and working. Drop us a line at support@sketchfab.com if you have questions or issues.

Special thanks to Steren, who put a lot of effort into it!

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