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At the end of last week, Agisoft, maker of Metashape (previously PhotoScan), released a very cool new standalone app for Windows, Mac & Linux which is designed to removed ‘baked in’ lighting and shadows from objects and scenes 3D scanned via photogrammetry. We took it for a quick spin to see how it works with a particularly tricky model – you can follow along in the video below:

Explore the resulting textures in the 3D model below – use Alt+Drag on the background (3 finger drag on touch screens) to rotate the lighting environment and see the difference delighting a scan can make:

You can download the app yourself here and be sure to check out Agisoft’s own tutorial which goes into different app settings in more detail.


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Thomas Flynn

Community & Cultural Heritage Lead at Sketchfab.

Expert in 3D scanning, photogrammetry, online publishing & dissemination.

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