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Update April 2018:

The Sketchfab worldwide student offer is now a $99 per year for a Pro account (regular price $180), extendable up to a maximum of four consecutive years. To apply for this offer, please visit and submit your school email at the end of the page.

And remember that anyone can still use Sketchfab for free with a Basic account.


Students worldwide are using Sketchfab to present their 3D projects to their teachers, peers and future employers. To help you kickstart your career in 3D, we’re giving free PRO accounts (a $15/month value) [see update above] to all students, worldwide. 

Dino Student by vituel on Sketchfab

Worry not! Sketchfab has your back.  

We believe as future professionals, students should get access to the best resources available. That’s why we’re giving students at our Partner Schools a free Pro Account.

Free? Yup. We said free. Just go here to sign up.

What if your school isn’t on our list of partners? Or are you already signed up with Sketchfab, but want a free student PRO account? Worry not. Email us at, and we’ll get you started.

How Can Students Use PRO?

A Sketchfab PRO account is like a regular account…only supercharged with an extra-caffeinated can of Red Bull.

  • Up to 200 MB per Model (Goodbye 50 mb limit, woohoo!)
  • (Your personal portfolio website)
  • Get contacted by potential clients or employers (A “contact me” button on your profile)
  • 24-hour support (Thank you, Community Support James!)
  • Appear in the PRO Directory (Finally!)
  • Get a PRO Badge
  • Tons of upcoming PRO features (All for you!)


Dude. Email us. Seriously.

Questions? Wanna become your school’s ambassador?  Feel like discussing which video game obsession dropped your GPA by a full point?  Or whether or not the plural of Lego is Legos?  (Community Support James has strong opinions on this subject.)

Shoot us an email at! You can email us about anything.

Tell us what you’re up to.

And enjoy your free student PRO account! You’re welcome 🙂


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