Friture Friday: Voice controlled VR

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We like pushing boundaries here at Sketchfab. Last week, we showed you 4D video.

Today, how about voice controlled VR? Click the link, enable your microphone and speak your commands for Voice Controlled Virtual Reality.

Tips: It only works on Chrome. Start by speaking the numbers to navigate between annotations. Lastly, Dropbox may run out of quota, so this preview is only for fast clickers!

Every Friday our team members can work on what we want for ‘Friture Friday’ (because we’re French). Last week, Marc’s friture led to the 4D video, this week, it’s Paul’s voice controlled VR. You can see the rest of our Fritures in the Lab.

We’ve built experiments, API hacks, cool plugins, and more. We’re open to suggestions, so email us your Friture ideas, we love a challenge.

Have a creative weekend!

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