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Hi, I’m Stevans, lead 3D artist at Amplitude Studios.

Amplitude is a team of experienced video game lovers (and developers) with a single goal: Create the best strategy games with the players’ help! We’ve been around since 2011, and we’re based in Paris, France.

Our specialty is the strategy genre, and our most recent 4x titles are Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend. We’ve also branched out with titles like our squad-based RPG tower defense rogue-like Dungeon of the Endless.

Our art team is made up of 18 artists 3D, 2D, animation, and FX artists with a mix of senior and junior profiles and experience from all kinds of studios, from indie to AAA.

We’re happy that our games have sold well and won awards, but also really proud of the way that we create our games together with our community via our custom platform GAMES2GETHER, where the community can vote and give feedback on future developments across all of our titles.

For example, in our most recent vote series, our community has voted on the origin, morphology, and visual design of our next faction. After one last vote on the faction’s lore, we will begin production on this community-selected concept, and will eventually integrate it to the game.

Endless Space 2

Today I wanted to show some of our work on Endless Space 2, our latest title, which lets players take the helm of their own strategic space opera.

The Academy is an emblematic Endless Space 2 piece of work. It was used for the storytelling, the trailers, the title screen, and printed on the retail game boxes, so it had to be gorgeous. This model was realized by Hadrien Channac who is one of our very talented 3D artists. We really like the amount of detail he put in it, like he always does in all his work. 🙂

At Amplitude Studios we have a chance to work with some amazing concept artists. They provide us high quality concept art; this is great motivation for the 3D team to give us the best work possible, and to produce high quality 3D models.

For the ES2 production, we mostly used 3DSMax for the modeling, and Substance Painter & Designer for the texturing part.

Vodyani ship concepts in 2D…


…and the final 3D version!

Because of our specific pipeline, we have to tweak and rearrange some 3D scenes a bit before exporting them to Sketchfab. The .zip file system and the automatic PBR mapping is pretty convenient considering the amount of 3D models we have to process.

Sketchfab has been a cool way for us to show the detailed versions of our 3D models to our community. For example, on the Endless Space 2 wiki, you’ll notice that all of the ships’ 3D models for each faction have been directly integrated (like for our latest faction, The Vaulters).

Be sure and follow our Sketchfab page where you can check out all of our models. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord, and, of course, Endless Space 2 is available on Steam!

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