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Hi my name is Rudo and I’m the founder of EastWorks. The story of our company begins in 2011 in Kosice, Slovakia. From the beginning we specialized in delivering art production for games like Mafia 3, Enemy Front, Arma 3, Moto GP, Might & Magic Heroes, Farming Simulator and many more….

After years of working in the art outsourcing industry, we applied those skills and experiences to start developing our own games as an independent studio. Being a small team, we knew we needed to come up with something extraordinary as we knew the competition in the game market is very tough. After much discussion we decided to produce a strategy game entitled GrayZone.

GrayZone is a tactical strategy game, with elements of RPG. The game was developed in the spirit of modern RTS titles with an emphasis on the audiovisual and storytelling experience. We feel that it’s very important to produce a realistic environment. We designed extraterrestrial flora and fauna for our world in great detail where individual animals have characteristic behaviors. For this reason we used Unity, which enabled the production of high-quality 3D graphics. Moreover it supports a wide range of visual effects (smoke, explosions, weapon effects, different weather conditions). We felt this was very important for the exploration of the living alien world.

Our game combines what we consider to be the very best from the strategy titles plus improvements like a tactical mode, new physics, customization of heros and devices. In most of the games we’ve played today, it seems like the main focus is on visual effects and huge numbers of units rather than strategy mechanics. So in GrayZone, we wanted to create an attractive atmosphere for every player who wants to enjoy playing games by using tactics and intelligence to lead smaller groups of units.

Here’s an example of the Union fraction’s grenade launching vehicle:

Sketchfab is a great platform to share our development and get important feedback from our community. Here is our long range artillery unit, it is able to bombard an opponent from a safe distance. It’s vulnerable against direct attack. Hovering over the surface, it is able to cross terrain that’s impassable for most ground units.

This model was made in just three weeks.

Before we start high polygonal models in Fusion we create gray box geometry in 3ds Max, which represents the basic shape of the vehicle followed by a check in the game engine. Of course we already have the concept as a reference. I was inspired by Star Wars and games like XCOM, Gears of War, and Kill Zone.

Once the high poly model was finished we created a low poly game model which we mapped, and then exported to Substance Painter. There we baked the normal map. For texturing we used Substance painter because we use it for PBR materials; all assets and models from our game are created there. The goal was to produce a material which would remind gamers that vehicles are aged by usage. Finally models were exported to Unity where we added different effects and forms for each model.

We designed the weapons, vehicles and architecture based on common objects you’d find today so that the player can quickly identify with our world.

The story will be narrated in a similar form to what you may see with comics and there will be different illustrations in the game to support that. Sometimes ultra-realistic graphics are not needed. At the moment we are in the early stages of development with a goal to release the game in late 2018.

We’d love to hear your constructive feedback and thoughts about our game as we continue to develop it. You can find us on Sketchfab, Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our development.

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