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About Us

Hi, I am Kurt Young from Mokuni. We are an indie game studio focused on creating family friendly entertainment. Our team has been constantly learning while making use of new technologies to create stories that we believe will make a positive impact on our younger generation.

Our Work

During these years, we published several popular titles such as The Kitty in the Box. This series was a great success on delivering the cuteness of kitties and how the playfulness of a very simple game mechanic can create unstoppable and addicting gameplay. Our other title Food Conga is also a unique game where chefs hunt food in the wild to form a conga line and send the order to customers. You can find them both on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Our newest title, “Ostrich among Us,” is an arcade style rhythm game where players play as a dancing ostrich. Instead of looking carefully for the falling notes like most games in the genre, players need to follow other ostriches’ moves and do the same action at the right time. The first demo was originally created in 2016 at Global Game Jam and awarded as “the best game” by Microsoft and Playcrafting NYC. Since then our team has developed the concept into a full fledged game for mobile platforms.

We also love to explore the latest technologies. We believe VR and AR will have a great impact on game development. These new ways of interacting with the game world are fascinating. We’ve spent lots of time studying them. Both Kitty in the Box VR and Kitty in the Box AR are currently under development and in very good shape.


As a small team, we improve our pipeline constantly. By adopting a vertex coloring technique in our recent titles, we were able to skip the UV mapping and texturing process which help reduce our production time significantly.

To further reduce our time in creating 3D assets, we turned to asset stores like the Sketchfab Store. There are free packages that contains common models such as trees, buildings, rocks and stuff. We’d go through some free packages first, and save out the quality ones to use in our own scenes. When we found asset publishers with a style similar to our game, we’d dig into their accounts and buy their premium packages, which is way more cost-effective than producing them on our own.

Our team uses Sketchfab to show our 3D art as it offers a much more engaging and intriguing presentation to our new comers. You can find our account here. The Sketchfab Unity Importer and Exporter makes it really easy to upload our game world and the customization and post processing filters allow us to tweak the scene to match our creative vision. We look forward to finding new possibilities for our future games on Sketchfab.

Core Team members:(credit)

Creative Director:
Kurt Young

Lead Designer:
Fox Chen

UI/UX Designer:
Feiou Su

Game Designer:
Chih-Tang Chang

Business Manager:
Huan Tan

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An artist in the pursuit of dopeness.

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