Game Jolt adds Sketchfab Integration, Allows Indie Game Developers to Promote Their Work in 3D & VR

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We’re excited to announce a new Sketchfab integration partnership today.

Game Jolt is an indie games marketplace that allows millions of gamers to discover and play over 70,000 games from independent developers. In turn, the site allows development teams to share regular updates about their progress to promote their game.

Starting today, it’s now possible to share game assets in their most natural form on Game Jolt: 3D and VR like this example from Atmosphere:


Developers can now share game experiences using the interactivity of Sketchfab alongside existing screenshots and videos, like this example from the Exodemon by Kuupu:

If you’re a game developer and have any questions about how to best leverage Sketchfab to promote your 3D or Virtual Reality games, send an email or tweet Michael Calvert our lead games evangelist. He works with all our game studios and can help you get started.

Visit our Help Center article for more information regarding sharing your work with Sketchfab on Game Jolt.

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Paul Chambers

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