Halloween 3D Printing Contest Winners

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The winners of the Halloween 3D Printing Contest are in! Over a 100 entries were submitted and picking a winner wasn’t easy: the quality of the entries was excellent, and of course they needed to be 3D printable too!

Read on to see the winners, and visit the Halloween 3D Printing Contest gallery to see all entries.

Finally, a big thanks to our partners, CG Cookie and Shapeways, who made this contest into a huge succes!

1st Place: Jack-O-Lantern by aidinsalsabili.

Jack-O-Lantern by aidinsalsabili on Sketchfab

2nd Place: Pumpkin Fingerbiter by n.metivier

Pumpkin Fingerbiter by n.metivier on Sketchfab

3rd Place: Baby Jack by Landestroyer

Baby Jack by Landestroyer on Sketchfab

Community Choice: Traditional Jack-O-Lantern by Jakob Baldwin

Traditional Jack-O-Lantern by Jakob Baldwin on Sketchfab

Thanks for participating everyone, we’ll see you again next year 🙂

– Bart


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