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Here’s what happened at the Amsterdam and San Jose meetupsYesterday, for the first time ever, we had two meetups in one day! One in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, run by Bart (me), and one in San Jose, California, run by Abby Crawford.In Amsterdam, 16 people showed up. I gave them a quick overview of upcoming things (like the Physically Based Renderer and our new Lighting Editor). After that, Adriaan Rijkens from VR Heroes talked about his 3D reconstruction of ‘Roomy’ by artist Patrick Hughes:

Abby’s meetup was less crowded (11 people RSVP-ed but only one showed up), but a group of interested people joined them later on. A good way to spread the word!

Next up: our meetup in London next week, hosted by Andy Lewis. After that, Madrid and Berlin. To stay up to date, check out Community Calendar regularly!

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