Hone your Sculpting Skills with SculptJanuary 2018

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We teamed up with the SculptJanuary project! Challenge yourself to create a sculpt a day and improve your sculpting skills. If you manage to post one model a day you’ll participate in the prize raffle – sponsored by Sketchfab.

How it works

  • Head over to the SculptJanuary website and sign up for their daily email reminder so you won’t miss a thing 🙂
  • On December 31, a calendar with a daily sculpting task will be revealed.
  • Create one sculpt a day and post it on Sketchfab. Tag with #SculptJanuary18
  • Create. Learn. Have fun!

Co-organizer and Sketchfab community member Julien Kaspar shows how to achieve a great lighting and material setup for your sculpts:

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Bart Veldhuizen

Head of Community at Sketchfab. 3D Scanning enthusiast and Blenderhead. Running BlenderNation in my spare time.

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  • Avatar Phil Gosch says:

    Count me in!

  • Avatar Bernardo says:

    So, considering that i don’t know how to sculpt anything, but i have some skills for modeling.. I’ll participate using the same # ?

    • Avatar Bart Veldhuizen says:

      Of course you’re free to model the same topics with any other technique and join in the fun! I just don’t think you should tag them with #SculptJanuary18 🙂

    • Avatar Manuel says:

      That’s actually what the event is ABOUT.
      You know nothing about sculpting? PERFECT. Start the bootcamp approach and sculpt for 31 days straight. Don’t mind the quality, this event is about getting people sculpting, something many 3d artists keep postponing to an undefined “someday”.

      Even the worst results will enter the final prize draw, if you deliver 31 honest results at the end of January.

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