Hone your Sculpting Skills with SculptJanuary 2019

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We teamed up with the SculptJanuary project again! Challenge yourself to create a sculpt a day and improve your sculpting skills. If you manage to post one model a day you’ll participate in the prize raffle – sponsored by Sketchfab.

How it works

  • Head over to the SculptJanuary website and sign up for their daily email reminder so you won’t miss a thing 🙂
  • On December 31, a calendar with a daily sculpting task will be revealed.
  • Create one sculpt a day and post it on Sketchfab. Tag with #SculptJanuary19
  • Create. Learn. Have fun!

Co-organizer and Sketchfab community member Julien Kaspar shows how to achieve a great lighting and material setup for your sculpts:

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