How Alban learned to dance Gangnam style

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Gangnam Style
by alban
on Sketchfab

Are you wondering how we created this animation of our CEO Alban Denoyel dancing Gangnam Style? In this short step by step tutorial I’ll explain how you can create your own dancing 3D avatar using free tools and publish it on Sketchfab.

Step 1: Create a full body scan of yourself

Stand in the so-called ’T-Pose’ or ‘A-Pose’: legs slightly spread apart and arms raised. If your legs touch each other or if your arms touch your body you won’t be able to animate them separately from your body!

We used a Structure Sensor scanner together with the itSeez3D app – its latest version allows for easy full body scanning.

If you don’t have a scanner, try the Trnio iPhone app or Autodesk Recap360 – both are free and will transform a collection of pictures into a 3D model using a technology called photogrammetry (learn more about it in this tutorial).

Step 2: Get the OBJ file

Send the OBJ file to yourself. It might need a little cleaning up if it captured anything from your environment (although itSeez3D does a really good job at that).

Step 3: Upload to Mixamo

Create a free account on Mixamo and upload the zipped OBJ file. Make sure it contains the texturemaps.


Step 4: Add a rig to your model

In order to animate your model, Mixamo needs to know where your joints are. Use their Auto Rigger tool to quickly set up your ‘bones’.


Step 5: Select a motion

Your free account will give you access to their Free test pack which contains 11 animations, including the Gangnam Style dance. Select one to apply it to your scan and see yourself move! (Alban is also a boxing pro now, by the way 😉

Step 6: ‘purchase’ and download

When you’re happy with the result, add the animation to your cart and purchase it. Don’t worry – the test pack is free. Next, download your file as an FBX file and you have yourself doing the Gangnam style!


Step 7: Upload your animation to Sketchfab

If you’re already a Beta user of our new animation feature, you can now upload your FBX file and you’ll dance on Sketchfab! If you’re not, you can sign up to be one now. I’m also happy to publish the model for you – just email it to me and I’ll move it into your own account.

Tag your animation with #gangnam to add it to the Gangnam Style gallery. I wanna see you all dance!

Enjoy 🙂

– Bart


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  • mak ruff says:

    Having trouble with this.
    When I download the .fbx from Mixamo, it includes 2 x fbx files
    This creates an error 13
    How do I combine both files into one?

  • Bart Veldhuizen says:

    The only solution I can think of is to import both FBX files into your 3D application, merge them in there and then export. That might not be trivial though.

    Did you try uploading just one of the generated FBX files? Does that work?

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