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A year ago, we published an article to share some tips and insights on how to enhance your crowdfunding campaign with 3D embeds. Since then, about a hundred new campaigns used 3D to add interactivity to their page! So we decided to brush things up.

Are you preparing a crowdfunding campaign for your hardware, design creation or game? You probably have built 3D/CAD models along the way. It’s time to leverage this content to engage your fans and reach your goal!


Tell your story

We believe that one of the things creative projects really need in order to get off the ground is a compelling way to tell their story. Since most of those early projects only have a virtual existence at first, showcasing them in 3D makes sense!

Both cutting-edge and innovative, embedding a real-time 3D display is a great way to create a “wow effect” and make your campaign stand out from others. A Sketchfab 3D model of your product improves conversion by increasing page interaction and view time. 3D is the only non-passive media. Your fans and backers get a real-life product experience online. They can zoom, pan, rotate, and experience your product in all dimensions and angles.

While the play rate for videos ranges from 10 – 35%, the play rate for 3D embeds ranges from 45 – 70%. A 3D embed promotes your product with more visuals and less text. Less reading. More product engagement. More backers.

Most successful campaigns use 3D embeds

Sketchfab has been used by some of the most popular campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo: Bluesmart, Prynt, Hexo+, Occipital, Lima, FABtotum, Podo, Sentri

“We really wanted to display our case in the best way: showing something that people can interact with.” Clément Perrot, CEO, Prynt.

“A crowdfunding campaign is really 70% communication and 30% vision. What better way to start off than to share the 3D model of your project?” Marco Rizzuto, CEO, FABtotum.

“I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t use Sketchfab for hardware campaigns, as it interfaces easily with Kickstarter and it is free.” Eddie Lee, co-founder, Podo.

“What is really powerful about 3D is that it illustrates multiple dimensions of the product that you really don’t get through images or text, and helps bring a product to life.” Wendy Qi, co-founder, Sentri.

On Kickstarter, insert your 3D model pasting its Sketchfab URL as if it were a video (learn more). On Indiegogo, paste the URL of your model as an Embedly link (learn more). Done.

Don’t have a 3D model yet and want one? Want someone from Sketchfab to enhance the display of your model? Feel free to drop us a note at

We do our best to protect your models. Note that by default your models are not downloadable, meaning that people can only see them in 3D in their browser. Plus, when you publish you remain the full owner of your files; Sketchfab has no right to sell them.

We help you <3

PRO Account — We love you. That’s why we’re offering you 3 months of Sketchfab PRO! You’ll be able to publish awesome and heavy models, add up to 20 annotations to walk your fans through all the features of your product, customize your models’ background, and more… Reach out to with links to your campaign and your model on Sketchfab, and will upgrade you!

Founders Insights — We have gathered some very useful insights from the founders of some of the most successful campaigns out there. Check it out on our blog!

Social Support — We promote crowdfunding campaigns on our blog and socials (30k+ followers)! Your model will also be viewable on Sketchfab by our community of 200,000+ creators, makers, hardware/design/game-enthusiasts.

Be Featured — Plus, we are an official Indiegogo partner (already in their top 10). And to thank you for using Sketchfab, we are happy to feature successful Indiegogo campaigns on our partner page!

So, are you excited about making the most of your 3D/CAD content? Ping us at to get started!

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