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Every so often, the Sketchfab Store offers limited time discounts or promotions. They have a variety of names—flash sales, spring sale, or holiday sales—but they all have the same objective: to encourage buyers to buy more models. We are more tempted to buy if we see a limited time offer pop up in front of us; the fear of missing out is very real.

These sales are a great opportunity for our sellers and in this article we will give you 3 tips on how to use sales to your best advantage.

Improve your relationship with loyal customers AND gain new ones

You might know some of your best buyers personally, through social media or they might have reached out to you before, so make sure to message them to share the sale details in advance. A substantial flash sale discount is a great way to pay it forward to your best customers. Uploading new models to your store a few days before a sale can also help to catch and hold buyers’ attention.

Not only are sales perfect for re-engaging existing customers, they can also be an attractive way for new buyers to discover your work. New buyers may be more willing to get to know your work when there’s a great discount on it; if they’re satisfied with their purchases, you just might get a loyal buyer that will buy from you repeatedly.

Make a big impact on social networks

A few days before every sale, we email all our sellers to let them know the dates and discount that we will be offering. As a seller, you can use this advance notice to prepare social media posts that bring attention to the sale and highlight some of your new or best-selling work.

Over the course of the sale, use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels to actively engage with your customers. Finally, work smarter rather than harder by retweeting the Sketchfab Store’s official social media posts. Be your own hypester!

Use sale data to learn what buyers like

By processing a high volume of sales in a short amount of time, you as a seller can discover new insights about your buyers’ needs and your own model inventory. When the sale ends, check which of your models sold the most—or what type or category of models were most requested from your inventory. You may realize that there’s particularly high demand for your low poly models or characters, for example. This analysis will help you determine what your customers like and what style(s) may be in high demand.

If you are not yet selling on the Sketchfab Store, apply to become part of our growing community.

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Sketchfab Store Associate Manager and AR enthusiast.

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