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This announcement is out of date, and some information is deprecated. You can find up-to-date information about uploading from Cinema 4D on GitHub.

This is a video tutorial from Eugene Opperman of on how to prepare your models for an upload to Sketchfab from Cinema 4D:

The final model:

You can also use our exporter, to upload directly from C4D, it’s available (for Mac) here.

Thanks Eugene, and welcome to all our C4D users!

Here is a bit more info for manual export:

  • Edit all that can be edited: Boolean symmetries HyperNurbs, everything must be passed polygonal.
  • Then, for each polygonal object, click the Object menu (in the Object Manager) and choose Conform object.
  • A window appears. Check illumination (if you rigged lighting) and unique texture, set the texture size (bigger is, the better the result, the longer the conformation).
  • Choose a path and format, choose jpeg.
  • Then click Conform.
  • Repeat for each object. You can also connect + delete your polygonal objects to do at once, but the result may be less good. UV unfolding performed correctly is preferable, but not mandatory.
  • Then select the object or objects created, copy (ctrl + C or Command + C), create a new scene and paste. For each material, copy the image channel in the channel luminescence color and luminescence disable the channel.
  • On the File menu, save the project and then export your scene format Collada 1.4.
  • Unzip the folder and send it obtained on the platform.

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