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Over 400 first-year students study Digital Arts & Entertainment department at the Belgian Howest school. They were tasked to design a “City Scene”, and part of the assignment was to upload their work to Sketchfab – the site was flooded with their amazing work! They all tagged their entry with ‘howest’, so it’s easy to browse their entries.

Teacher Yves Pauwels made a selection of the top projects. Enjoy!

(By the way, you may have spotted one of the entries here before in the Art Spotlight: Cudillero Diorama by Thomas Kole).

De Winter Cheyoban

London CityScene (updated version)
by CheyobanDW
on Sketchfab

Eli De Konick

on Sketchfab

Gaetan Thibaut

Italian Cityscene
by gaetanthibaut
on Sketchfab

Nicolas Gerard

City Scene
by Nicolas Gerard
on Sketchfab

Luna Fierens

london diorama
by Luna Fierens
on Sketchfab

Sander Vander Meiren

Cityscene by Sander Vander Meiren
by Sander.Vander.Meiren
on Sketchfab

Stephan Quintens

CityScene – Stephan Quintens – 1DAE12
by Stephan Quintens
on Sketchfab

Samuel De Vos

CityScene Samuel De Vos: Taipei
on Sketchfab

Simon Coenen

Cityscene inspired by Annecy
by simoncoenen
on Sketchfab

Ralph Packet

Cityscene London
by Ralph Packet
on Sketchfab

Olmo Potums

Sicilian city diorama
by olmopotums
on Sketchfab

Thomas Kole

Cudillero Diorama Cityscene
by ThomasKole
on Sketchfab

– Bart


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