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The Printlab was at an awesome spot near a large street window.

We were 3D Scanning people and printing them selfies using a Structure scanner and Ultimaker printers

Having some drinks after the show with community volunteers Jan and James (far left, left)

I finally got to meet Thomas Flynn!

Maggie from 3D Slash

Hmmmm 😉

On Friday evening, the local Sketchfab community met up at Bar Scenario

Plastic Sister made an appearance and got 3D scanned as well 😉

I spent last week in London at 3D Printshow. With the help of 5 awesome community volunteers, we 3D scanned and printed over 200 people in three days. Thanks Andy, Claudio, Derek, James and Jan!

Here’s a quick photo overview of the event and the community meetup. Click on the photos to follow the story.

Would you like to have a Sketchfab community meetup in your area? Get in touch with me and I’ll help you make it happen!

– Bart


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