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Another fantastic SIGGRAPH announcement today. We’ve proudly supported the Blender community for a long time and our exporter addon has been packaged natively with Blender since 2014.  Today we are proud to unveil that a new Blender addon is currently available for Beta testing.

This new addon leverages our Download API to let you search hundreds of thousands of Creative Commons licensed models from our community and download them directly into your Blender scene.

Models can be searched by keyword(s) or browsed. The addon then presents thumbnails of suitable results and each one can be called up on for a full 3D preview if desired before downloading directly into Blender.

Materials and textures are loaded in automatically and Cycles node networks are generated so the download is immediately ready to render.

The addon is currently available in Beta and we welcome your feedback on the current build. We have included a “Report an issue” button in the addon and hope you will help us iron out the final few wrinkles. Note that the addon is compatible with Blender 2.79. A version for Blender 2.8 will be released later this year.

The Beta addon can be downloaded here. Install the zip file via Blender’s user preferences. A Sketchfab tab will appear in the tool (“T”) left-hand drawer of the 3D view. For full documentation visit the addon’s Github page.

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